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Updated on:
Tuesday, March 20, 2001

Ordering Information
This page provides information on how to order DLL Checker.

DLL Checker costs $25 (US) per copy.
Immediate online delivery of registered copies of DLL Checker is available for credit card orders placed via the Internet from eMetrix or Qwerks.

If you prefer, DLL Checker can also be ordered by telephone, fax, mail, or by purchase order. Click here for more information.

Purchase from eMetrix

Purchase from Qwerks

Once your credit card order has been processed, a link will be generated for you to download the full, registered version. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail will the download link. Note: The download link is time-sensitive and will expire. If you have problems with the link, let us know at support@vb2java.com.

If you'd rather have the registered version of our software mailed to you, there will be an additional fee to cover the cost of the media, shipping and handling.

Effective July 1, 2000, if you plan to order through ShareIt.Com to receive our product, you won't receive it via e-mail.You will to download it from our FTP server. We made this decision for two reasons: (1) Due to the fact that our program is over 3MB and a lot of Internet providers don't allow e-mail attachments that large. And (2) due to all the e-mail viruses, a lot of e-mail readers don't allow EXEs as attached files.

Thank you! We appreciate your business!

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