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Updated on:
Friday, August 27, 1999

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Non issues

The following items describe DLL Checker's behavior by design.

Open issues

Resolved issues

See the Build History These issues were present in older versions of DLL Checker but have been resolved in the current version.

DLL Checker doesn't rename files that are in use

This is by design. If you are renaming files you will see an error message.

The reason:

Renaming in-use files does not guarantee the integrity of the files. Most back up and utility programs do not work on files that are in-use by another application. This is because the Windows operating system needs to refer back to the file while it is memory.

When DLL Checker renames files, it must ensure the integrity of each file. The lock prevents other programs from version of the program from being loaded in memory.

The in-use DLLs fall into two categories:

Windows has... DLL Checker...
no lock on DLL because it's loaded in memory can rename the file safely
locked the file because the resource is loaded in memory. cannot rename the file while it's still in memory.

Using the End Task from the Close Program window is no guarantee that you will release the DLL from memory. The only way to ensure that the DLL is not loaded is by not have any applications running when you start Windows or by renaming them through DOS (you do remember DOS, right? <grin>).

known issues Known Issues

Mouse Wheel Scrolling isn't fluid

Several users have mentioned that difficulty using their mouse wheel while scrolling through the grid of information. It appears to be a scroll buffer issue with the grid, but it has not be duplicated in our test labs.

known issues Known Issues

Error: 70 - Access denied message then program shuts down

This problem occurs when you try to rename a file that is loaded in memory. Refer to Common Questions for more information. We are currently investigating a solution.

known issues Known Issues

Trial version works, but Registered Version does not respond

Some system with removable drives -- like IOmega Zip, IOmega Jaz, and SyQuest 135EZ -- encountered this problem. Earlier version of DLL Checker didn't distinguish fixed drives from removable media. This has been corrected in version 1.0.7 and greater.

known issues Known Issues

Rename log file was being overwritten each time

DLL Checker checked to see if the log file existed and rather than appending the information in the file, it overwrote the file. This problem has been corrected in version 1.0.6 and greater.

known issues Known Issues

Corrected the issue with Windows NT / 2000 (Error: 380 Min can't be greater than Max)

We were using a new math algorithm and there was a sign (+/-) error in the formula. This problem has been correct in version 1.0.5 and greater.

known issues Known Issues