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DLL Checker v1.1
Current Version: 1.1.6
Download trial version from Mirror #1

Having DLL, OCX and VBX conflicts? DLL Checker scans your system for shared resources, provides you with a list of files and their version information.

In the trial version, you can scan for DLL, OCX, and VBX files on the same drive that Windows is installed on. Duplicate files are highlighted for easy detection. You can save the file list to a tab-delimited text file.

In the registered version, you will able scan multiple hard drive, rename duplicate files, and resize the fonts in the file list.

The Full Registered version is $25.

Please refer to the Ordering Info button in our navigation menu

Freeware / Donationware
VBS Defender
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Have you been plagued by Script-based Viruses? Many antivirus programs claim they will protect us from script-based viruses; however, we've found that they're not 100% efficient in protecting us from the spread of these types of viruses.

There is another line of defense.

By changing the default setting for files with the extensions: VBS, VBE, JS, and JSE from Open to Edit, when you double-click on this file type, the file will open in NotePad rather than being executed through the Windows Scripting Host (WSH) engine.

This program is based on specifications outlined in Rod Ream's PC World article, "How to Trick the Anna Worm.".
Click here to read the article

Have you ever used a computer that's also available to someone else? You know, like at the library, while visiting your brother-in-law's house, or, in our case, in the press room at Comdex? Like it or not, you're leaving remnants of yourself on that computer while "surfing" the Net--where you went, who you contacted, and which passwords you used.

This utility is designed for Internet Explorer (IE) users to remove cookies, URL History, and Address History from the profile that is currently logged onto Windows.

It's designed to either run from a command-line or interactively through Windows.

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Extension Manager
To protect against viruses, trojan horses, and worms masquerading as a harmless file type, you need to be able to see your filename extensions (.exe, .gif, and so on). Trojan/worms such as SirCam has been transmitted to people this way.

Extension Manager allows you hide and unhide file extensions, including those extensions that are usually only viewable by tweaking the Registry.

Extension Manager lists seven (7) of the most commonly viewed used file extension, including extensions like .PIF, .SHS and .LNK.

Even though you might have unmarked Hide file extensions for known file types in the Folder Options of Windows Explorer, there are still a handful of file extensions that don't show up.

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What is donationware? Simply put, we're making some of our programs available for free. All I am asking is that you donate any amount (U.S.) you feel the programs are worth, so that we will be inspired to write more free utilities.

Click on the graphic to make a donation.

If you live outside the U.S., PayPal won't work for you (yet). If you still want to contribute, you can send cash (wrapped inside a letter, or card), check or money order to:

David Jung
P.O. Box 3593
Covina, CA 91722-3593

(Make checks/money orders payable to David Jung.)

We thank you for your support!

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VB2Java.Com products are compatible with ALL recent versions of Windows, including 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP!
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No Spyware
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